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Shipping, Basin Care & Warranty


At the moment, we ship NZ wide, but please get in touch if you are outside NZ.

Our products are handmade, and although some products we hold stock of, please do expect these lead times on average of 4 weeks on all items.
This is subject to busy periods and may take a little longer. We will email you updates as soon as your product is ready for shipping, or if the workshop is running behind on orders.

Each basin has a shipping rate of $40.00 inc GST.
Each small good has a shipping rate of $5.00 inc GST.

Basin Care

Each basin sold will include a step by step guide to caring and looking after your Tomorrow's Concrete basin. When cleaning your basin, make sure you are using non abrasive, or scour pads on its surface. These could potentially scratch or remove the sealer.

Also always avoid exposing your basin to bleach, or harsh chemicals or solvents as these could potentially damage the surface of your basin. But if you accidentally do, immediately flush with water.

Basin Warranty

When you purchase a basin with Tomorrow's Concrete, you will be sent a warranty with your basin. This will cover every aspect of your guarantee with Tomorrow's Concrete.

All basins have a 2 year replacement warranty from the date you purchased your product.