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What are Tomorrow’s Concrete products made of?

GFRC Concrete. The concept behind this is simple. Concrete is not very resilient and durable without some reinforcement installed within in. In construction, contractors pour concrete over metal rebar and rods to make the installation stronger. Glass Fibre is just another material used for reinforcement to ensure the concrete is strong enough to withstand weight and pressure. The combination of glass fibre and concrete works well and the reinforcing material will not degrade easily.

Where is Tomorrows Concrete made?

Mount Maunganui, NZ

Are our basins sealed?

All TC products are put through 3 stages of sealing. 2 coats of penetrative sealer which absorbs into the concrete and then a topical wax sealer which gives it a gloss or matte finish.

The finish of our products

All TC products are made to include the details of the natural concrete. Air pockets and colour movement are all part of the beauty of a natural product like TC’s.

How to care for our products?

All of our products should only be cleaned with a non abrasive multi purpose cleaner. Do not use abrasive cleaning pads on the concrete as this can scratch the basin or breakdown the sealer. Refrain from using any high PH level substance such as bleach as this will strip the sealer. Please also refer to our cleaning guide which arrives with each TC basin for helpful information.

How long does it take to receive your Tomorrow's product once your order is placed?

Our products are handmade, and although some products we hold stock of, please do expect these lead times on aver of 4 weeks on all items.
This is subject to busy periods and may take a little longer. We will email you updates as soon as your product is ready for shipping, or if the workshop is running behind on orders.